FBD/FBP Inflatable Gaskets

FBD (Fluid Bed Processor) or FBP (Fluid Bed Dryer) Inflatable Gaskets are manufactured from high quality FDA approved food grade white neoprene rubber as well as food pharma grade transparent silicone rubber. FBD inflatable gaskets operates like a cycle tube that can be inflated to fit a variable sealing gap. When inflated it seals the bowl and gives required sealing. These gaskets are inflated by 14mm when 2kg pressure is applied in silicone rubber and inflated by 2 Kg pressure in case of neoprene rubber. Inflatable Gaskets are manufactured in deflated or relaxed form.

Amul Polymers has manufactured and supplied this product in bulk quantities to various business verticals and gained confidence from the customers. Our quality standard of this product conforms to international standards.

Salient Features of FBD Gaskets

  • Provides a leak proof closure and allows clearance when required.
  • Leak proof property at joint and nozzle.
  • Not subjected to compression set which negates effect of other seals.
  • Gives Tolerance and Pressure.


  • Airlock door seals and shaft seals.
  • Inflatable door and valve seals.
  • Food Processing Equipments.
  • Sterilizers
  • Fluid bed processors.
  • Fluid bed dryers.
  • Oven door seals.
  • Industrial Washing and Extractor Machines.
  • Powder and gel handling machines.
  • Door seals in various machineries.
  • Material Conveyors.